Broward County Darting Association



Notice to all League Members, Partners, & Followers:

As of 5:00 p.m. on March 17, 2020, Governor Desantis suspended operation

of all Bars in the state for 30 days.

BCDA's current season is now on hold until further notice.

The Becky Hamilton Memorial tournament is postponed until further notice.

Additional information will be posted as we move forward.

Everyone please stay safe and stay tuned for further updates.


2020 Cherry Bomb Cancellation Notice


Broward County Darting Association is a steel tip dart league in Broward County, Florida.   

We currently have 7 Divisions - Masters, Power 19, A Division, B Division, C Division, Doubles, and Singles - to suit any skill level whether beginning or advanced.  

Our league has over 300 members ranging from novice to advanced players, some of whom are placed in the top ten list of darters in the state.  

We also host exclusive member only events and 5 local dart tournaments open to all. 

Our State Team has won the FDA State Team Championships 10 times.